GreenPro Corp. з'яўляецца адным з самых вядомых вытворцаў, пастаўшчыкоў і экспарцёраў Посуд Сталовыя прыборы, з завода ў Taiwan. Маючы шматгадовы вопыт працы ў лінію, мы становімся вядомым за нашы выдатныя паказчыкі ў галіны. Мы стварылі сябе ў якасці аднаго з вядучых брэндаў у Taiwan. Мы пастаянна ўдасканальваем нашы прадукты адпавядаюць міжнародным стандартам. Мы лічым, каманда прафесіяналаў, якая гарантуе своечасовую пастаўку высокі шчырасць quality.Our і цяжкая праца дапамаглі нам адпавядаць нашым з міжнароднымі стандартамі якасці.


GreenPro Corp.


GreenPro Corp. is one of the largest Eco-friendly tableware manufacturers in Asia. As a professional injection molding products manufacturer, we advocate producing non-toxic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly products as our mission.

With many years of professional PLA tableware production technology and R&D capabilities, we only supply the safest product which is proven for its superior quality, heat resistance and practicality to clients.

In order to respond to the demands and standards of major markets at home and abroad, we have a complete product line, providing choices of product development, manufacturing and customization for our clients. The goal is to serve our clients professionally and flawlessly. Let us put efforts into creating an environment where resources can be sustainably recycled and reused for the world we are living in.


GreenPro Corp. provide the service including

  • Eco-friendly tableware design - Tell us your ideas! We will help you to fulfill it.
  • Eco-friendly tableware manufacture - Our manufacture experience, know-how, and quality control will be the best backup for your products.
  • Eco-friendly products OEM & ODM production - We manufacture products including household items, fitness equipment, car accessories and medical assistive devices, etc. We are your trusted and number one choice!
  • Customization - We customize our products to suit your needs. From molding, design to production, we create ideal and green products from our clients’needs!


  • We offer superior products at reasonable prices. High quality and durable products are your trusted and number one choice!
  • Provide high-quality green and food safety-guaranteed tableware.
  • Unique know-how to further improve the quality and heat resistance of our products, providing our clients with services that are more efficient and more practical!
Нашы шчырасць і цяжкая праца дапамагаюць нам атрымліваць адпаведнасць якасці нашай

Посуд Сталовыя прыборы

з міжнароднымі стандартамі. У адпаведнасці з рознымі відамі вытворчасці патрабаванні, мы прапануем вам выдатныя паслугі.